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This is a rebroadcast of an show from my main podcast, http://PestControlMarketingPodcast.com

But even though, we say Pest Control, it applies to all local businesses and I felt it needed to be shared on my podcast here.

Here is post content from Pest Control Marketing Podcast with Hal Coleman and Mike Stewart

In this episode, Hal and Mike were reminded of their meeting in 1979 when Hal was singing Willie Nelson sound alike recording sessions, Mike was recording syndicated bank jingles for our mentor Larry Latimer (Listen to this episode about Larry)

At the workshop in Atlanta, NextLevelPCOMarketing.com, Mike told the story how he met Hal doing jingles in the 80’s. Erik Gardner of VolPest.com, our coaching client and attendee at the workshop, asked us at breakfast the next morning, did we still create jingles, because he wanted one! It reminded us jingles are alive and thriving on radio, TV, YouTube, Facebook and Spotify, online and offline audio marketing! So we made him a jingle that he loved this week! But you gotta listen to the podcast to hear it. But the jingles we mentioned we can’t legally put in the podcast, but we can share the YouTube videos below. (Oh, BTW scroll down and hear Hal sing like old Willie!)
Enjoy the story and wisdom of Larry Latimer once again.

Coming soon will be from Mike and Hal http://PestControlMarketingJingles.com

We talked about these jingles in our podcast:

The jingle Erik said that runs in Chattanoonga that he could not get his phone number out of his head, why he wanted a jingle for his PCO.

The Winston Cigarette Jingle I remember as a kid. Cigarette advertising was banned in 1971, almost 50 years!


Hal mention the Pink Plumber.. Audio logo to Google the business, click the link and easy to remember phone number.

Hal mentioned Cook’s Pest Control.. This jingle has been on radio before the online world existed. Why you should bring offline and online together!

Hal wrote song, sang the Willie part, and Mike did the 1st demo. It was #1 for Jerry Reed. Not bad for Mr Online and Mr. Offline.


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