Mastering Mobile Video – 9 Things Business Owners Leave Blank In YouTube & Facebook


Business Owners Don’t Make Video Consistently For a Long List of Reasons!!
Great Videos, Lots of Them, Means More Traffic, More Customers, More Profit!

Now with the amazing cameras in the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Surface mobile devices, making great
quality videos are easy, fast, portable and more important than ever before!
Watch this podcast to learn how we make mastering mobile video work for you!

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Mevo Camera Test For Facebook Live, YouTube & Live Streaming


The Mevo Camera is an amazing simple to use video studio in your pocket. Right now with an iPhone app and this camera mounted on a mic stand or tripod, you can do what we did in this test for your business to make tutorials, virtual sales meetings, podcasts like this one, and media worth being social for social media, what a concept! Watch this and if you want to learn more visit,  Live Video Secrets Online Course on how it is done, or come the Live Video Marketing Workshop in Atlanta Dec. 10th, 2016. Either way, enjoy!  Here is where you get all the gear online!

Facebook Live Production Tips Using Both Cameras on iPhone


Live video streaming has become a new strategy for social media, traffic and authority online. Meerkat, Periscope and Blab are really great apps that allow smartphones to stream live video to your followers. Some have described it as a TV studio in your pocket to broadcast live to the world.
In my opinion, now that Facebook Live is being released to everyone as of Dec. 2015, it will quickly be the leader for live streaming for a number of reasons. My favorite feature is the ability to switch cameras while broadcasting live. See my first attempt of this process in my first FB live show now archived on my podcast.

Here are the items I shared in the video

Iphone Monopod Tripod

Apogee iPhone, iPad Studio Mic

10 foot mic cable for Apogee Mic

Coming soon: Live Video Secrets from Mike Stewart & Jeff Herring

Mike Stewart Podcast For Real Using The Boss Jock App, Ringr App and Apogee IOS Mic

I am committed to do a weekly podcast sometimes audio, sometimes video, but put content out to the world that help people see the power of self produced audio and video, especially with the apps that only run on the iPhone or iPad.

All of this is part of the launching of my new course Tablet

Today’s special guest is Jeff Herring of Jeff Herring

Today I am using the Boss Jock Studio App and Ringr App with Apogee Lightning Mic .. So stay tuned, so much more to come! Mik