Pretty Websites and Websites That Make Money – Conversation with Pest Control Expert Hal Coleman

To put it simply…there are really only two types of websites: Pretty websites and websites that make money. And the two are seldom the same. The reason is because, generally speaking, the prettier a website is, the more the “pretty” gets in the way of the message. And it is the message that does the selling. Which type of website do YOU have?

Hal helps with the message, Mike helps with WordPress!

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Podcasting is the Bingable On Demand Radio & TV Every Business Owner Should Make


People get their news, music, and entertainment on their phones and internet devices.
The world wants their content on demand, when they want it, and want it bingable! When podcasting is just internet on demand radio & TV that anyone can set up in minutes and reach 4 billion devices, why aren’t artists, musicians, bands & businesses of all kinds using the power of Podcasting to build a fan base that knows, likes and trusts them, and then supports them by buying their poducts or services. I want to share with my online marketers to power of this opportunity we all should master and embrace. Watch this episode to get the starting foundation!

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Mastering Mobile Video – 9 Things Business Owners Leave Blank In YouTube & Facebook


Business Owners Don’t Make Video Consistently For a Long List of Reasons!!
Great Videos, Lots of Them, Means More Traffic, More Customers, More Profit!

Now with the amazing cameras in the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Surface mobile devices, making great
quality videos are easy, fast, portable and more important than ever before!
Watch this podcast to learn how we make mastering mobile video work for you!

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